Inside out? or Outside in?

by | Sep 2, 2023 | Blog

But How Do You Show Him?

So you love God? Really?

How do you know? More importantly, how does He?

You go to church and sing worship songs,

but are you living inside out, or outside in?

Because if you’re living outside in, you’re wasting your time.

Your time, His time, our time.

As you strive to present on the outside a picture of what you

think you should be on the inside

Wasted time,

Wasted effort,

soul sucking, heart wounding, fear inducing, worry causing

waste of time and effort shriveling the truest you.

But if you’re living inside out, however that looks for you,

His love is made alive in your life.

He does the working,

you do the walking.

Love him, really love him.

Be captivated by him

Understand his heart

Learn his soul

Fall, yes, fall

fall from your pedestal of arrogance,

perfection is not worth the chase

fall on your face before him

because you can never fall from his grace.

Fall in love all over again, fall.

Listen, really listen

and more than that, actually hear

his heart as it sings

Its a song of delight at the thought of you

Don’t offer back, in the face of such pure devotion,

empty praises and meaningless phrases

designed to impress men.

Truth is what the lover of your soul most desires

Bring the truth as you see it





your truth.

He will not change it

He will exchange it

When you begin to understand how he sees you

when you get a glimpse of what is his truth over you

that will confound you.

He looks, He sees





Worthiness, yes, worthiness

Truth, His truth.

He exchanges your facts, for His truth.

You are worthy, beloved of the most high.

You are worthy because he says you are worthy.

He gave himself for you, withholding nothing

Saving no part of himself



poured out

leaving nothing left undone


Because he deems you worthy of such a sacrifice.

In the face of such all-consuming love

doubt melts

fear is banished

insecurity, pride, judgment

all vanish like the morning mist

and we are lost, forever, hopelessly lost

drawn by

consumed by

woven into

lost in

the very fibers of the heart of God

So how do we love him?

How do we show him that love?

We trust him with our truth,

we trust him with our brokenness

our pain,

our fear, confusion, doubt

we allow him to plumb the depths of our heart

and watch in awe of the treasures, the beauty, he brings out

not because we created them or are deserving of them,

but because he had already put them there

when he formed us

in our mother’s womb




with more tenderness than any artist has ever shown

with more purpose and intent than any composer bringing forth

the greatest musical masterpiece

the hands that spread the stars like rolling dice across the night sky

are the same hands that placed each eyelash,

each strand of hair

every freckle

every dimple

every nuance of your personality

the way you laugh

the way you smile

what amuses you

and what touches your heart and brings a tear.

Nothing escaped his careful, loving touch

and nothing, and I mean nothing

was or is ever left to chance.

What is required of us in exchange for this gentle intensity of love?

Nothing, and everything.

He requires that we be nothing more than what he has already made us to be.

He asks that we give him everything,

our wounds

our scars

our fears, doubts, screw ups, and failures

our hopes,

our dreams

our plans, efforts, schemes, and our attempts at our own righteousness.

He takes it all when we offer it

and in exchange offers back


pure, unadulterated, never ending life

not just later, but now

not just so we can float around on a cloud someday with a harp and wings,

but so that we may live,

really know what it is to live in every way possible

to live in ways we never knew were possible

to exist surrounded, suspended

by and in the majesty of this great love. 

For it is this love that is the power that holds all things together

It is by this love that the universe is kept in order

the planets kept on their course

the laws of nature function

the very atoms that make up the matter of all things are kept in line

and it is by and through this love

that our hearts continue to beat

our lungs go on drawing in air and

that we are granted life and breath.

So it is only right that with this life and

with this breath

we offer back to him our worship

true worship

not from a heart that bears no pain

not from a heart that knows no disappointment

or bitter regret

or loss

but from a heart that understands that despite these things

we are loved








So we trust him and we open to him

We offer back to him the very love he has showered on us

we learn his soul

understand his heart

desire his hand

but seek his face

and that, beloved of God

is how we love him.